Houston Skylight Company is a team made up of professional Houston locals, all dedicated to paving the way of modern skylight installations for brighter and more efficient properties. Our approach to skylight installations is more than you would expect to see from most skylight companies. We are exceptionally thorough in our client approach and always aim to understand exactly what they are looking for and why they need it. This gives us the opportunity to offer them the perfect solution to their problem. Over our years in business, we have quickly built ourselves a strong reputation from the level of detail we put into each job. We take the time to speak with our clients and explain any questions or queries they may have. Both while we are on the job as well as before and after the repair or installation.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with both our residential and commercial clients. And we believe the best way to do this is through communication, transparency and integrity. With a team of exceptionally talented tradespeople on our side, we are able to exceed our client’s customer service expectations. Having a strong sense of teamwork to get out jobs done quickly and efficiently, we love beating our own personal best installations and times so that our clients can get back to their day quicker. With a friendly and playful approach to work, our clients are always happy to call us around. If you’re interested in learning more about skylights, we would be happy to help!



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