Looking to brighten up the inside of your house while increasing curb appeal? You might be thinking about skylights to do just that and wondering how to go about it. Perhaps you don’t want to install a new skylight at all. Maybe you noticed some condensation or water damage where it shouldn’t be or some damage around the skylights outside. Either way, you’ll need a reliable skylight installation contractor in West University Place, Texas, who can get the job done right.

Knowing whom to turn to for help can be difficult and intimidating. You don’t want to be scammed or choose someone incompetent, and you certainly don’t want to pay more than you bargained for. That is why our skylight installation company has come up with five tips to help you choose the best skylight contractor in West University Place, Texas.

1. Insurance

No matter what their job title is, every contractor should have insurance. The real reason for this insurance is to protect you, the homeowner. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance are the two types of insurance that a skylight installation contractor should have.

If an accident occurs, the contractor will be covered by liability insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance protects contractors’ employees who are injured on the job.

Before hiring a roofing or skylight contractor to install skylights in your home, always request proof of insurance.

2. Local

Always choose a contractor who has located a reasonable distance from you. This isn’t about travel time. The professional must have regional knowledge. Not only will they know what the weather is like where you are, but they will have been hired by someone you know in the past. This makes it easy to determine how good of a job they do and communicate with them.

3. Pricing

Don’t ever select a contractor based on how much they charge. Yes, it’s important to stick to your budget, but you also need to know that the lowest bid comes with many risks. First of all, cheap work means less skilled and enthusiastic work, which will lead to problems in the long run. Second, you will have to pay twice or three times as much to fix the damage that the cheap, poorly done project caused.

Get several quotes, talk to the candidates, and decide which skylight contractor will offer the best service for the most reasonable price.

4. Contract

Get job details in writing at all times. Even if you know the roofer who will be installing your skylight, a contract that legally binds both of you is required. The contract keeps you in control of the situation by outlining everything from the estimated project duration to the cost of materials, labor, and warranty.

Before you sign the bottom, you should ensure you fully understand and agree with the contract’s terms.

Remember that a good contractor will be happy to explain the details of the contract and won’t force you to sign immediately, especially if you have questions or concerns.

5. Communication

Communication is the key to every relationship, regardless of its kind. You should choose a skylight installer who answers your questions, returns your calls, sends you documentation, and goes above and beyond what you would expect from them. And how do they treat you? Choose someone who is courteous and respectful and who values your time.

If the communication isn’t good, you are free to walk away.

Reasons to Install Skylights

The nearly perfect weather is one of the reasons people live and do business in West University Place, Texas. What if there was something that welcomed that weather into a home or business, allowing people to feel more connected to the natural world’s rhythms? The solution is a skylight.

One of the most significant advantages of skylights is their value in interior design. Nothing brightens up a room like cheerful natural lighting. Skylights can help bring natural light into dim spaces, making them feel larger and less claustrophobic. Increased ventilation can also make a room feel more comfortable and welcoming.

Skylights have a bad reputation for reducing energy efficiency, but this can be avoided with proper planning. On the other hand, using skylights as part of an energy plan will be cheaper and more comfortable than just using central climate control.

Consider the Placement of Potential Skylights

Once it’s decided that skylights are a good idea for a home or business, having a professional help figure out where to place them will ensure that customers are happy with their choices. When deciding where to place skylights, some things to consider are:

  • Can the additional ventilation naturally cool and warm spaces?
  • Will skylights help make places like stairwells and hallways that aren’t used turn into more appreciated places?
  • Which areas would benefit from feeling taller and more open?
  • Is morning or evening light desired in bedrooms and bathrooms?

Select a Style

Skylights are available in two styles: fixed and vented. Fixed skylights do nothing more than let light into a space. They don’t open. Vented skylights can be opened up to allow air to flow through them. Both styles have pros and cons, so it’s important to think about this choice carefully.

Vented skylights are more useful because they can help with heating and cooling in the home. However, their installation and maintenance may be more expensive. If all you want is light, on the other hand, fixed skylights will be the best choice.

Choose the Material 

Skylights are glazed with either Glass or Plastic. Choosing between the two will help consumers select the best skylight. Glass is the more expensive option, but it also lasts longer and looks better. Plastic-based skylights are less costly to install and may last longer, but the glazing may discolor over time, resulting in distorted views of the outdoors.

Check with Professionals to Determine Compatibility

Before making any decisions, as with most home improvement projects, consult with a professional. Roofers specializing in skylights have the knowledge to help anyone choose the right ones. Their trained eyes will see things that the homeowners won’t notice, and they will ensure everyone is happy when the job is done.

Always Hire the Professionals

The stakes are high when it comes to skylights. Skylights that are improperly installed can cause the owner ongoing problems. Skylights have a reputation for making spaces too hot and leaking water whenever it rains, but this is almost always because someone didn’t know how to install a skylight properly. When professional skylight contractors with extensive skylight installation experience are on the job, homeowners can anticipate complete success and satisfaction.

What Are Some Advantages of Installing Skylights?

Energy Efficient

Natural light lowers your electricity bill and is considered a sustainable energy resource.

Improved Well-being

The increased natural light improves general well-being.

Mold Reduction

By allowing more natural light into your home, skylights help to reduce mold growth.

Improve the Building’s Aesthetics 

Natural lighting makes your building look bigger on the inside and eliminates any claustrophobic feeling.

Contact the Skylight Installation Experts in West University Place, Texas

Our skylight installation company ensures that your skylights are in the perfect place to provide your home with the necessary ventilation and lighting.

When you hire our skylight installation company in West University Place, Texas, you won’t have to worry about leaks or damage caused by a faulty skylight installation. Our professional skylight installers will ensure that your skylights are installed correctly.

When you’re ready to talk more about skylight installation and repair with a professional skylight installation contractor in West University Place, give us a call.

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