Commercial Skylights

Have you ever worked in an office or factory that only had artificial light? If you have, you’ve probably noticed the impact that it can have on your energy levels and mood. If you’ve worked in a place that has a lot of natural light shining through, you have probably witnessed the buzz that floats through the workers when the sun is out on a nice day. It usually ends up in after-work drinks being arranged and a boost of team moral! Well although we, unfortunately, can’t help with arranging the drinks, we can help with the design and sunshine to help get your team there!


The term commercial property covers such a vast range of businesses, and they definitely do not all suit the same requirements in skylights. You may have one of the biggest warehouses in the state or a tiny little corner shop. Obviously, these would have very different lighting requirements and space to work with. We love working with our clients to find a solution that will enhance their space and get them the most value for their money. We can help with the layout and the design of the skylight.

Cost Savings

One of the highest costs of commercial spaces is their energy costs. If you look at the annual budget that goes towards electricity, we are sure you will see some big value in utilizing natural light. In some cases can make back the money you spend on a skylight very quickly, making a clear advantage to having a skylight installed. Although there is an initial investment in having your skylights installed, you can make astronomical savings dependent on the use of your skylights. We can help you with placement and designs to make sure you maximize your cost savings through skylights.

Improved Work Efficiency

As we mentioned earlier, there is a direct link between the amount of natural light coming into a workplace and peoples energy. The better the energy is within a workplace, the more efficient the workers will be. With positivity shining in, you can be sure that everyone is able to leverage off the natural energy from the sun and harness it into the task at hand. Studies have shown that a person is far more productive in a positive environment with natural light, however this isn’t the design of most commercial properties. But that is something that Houston Skylight Company are here to change!


Keeping your commercial property in top condition is the best way to preserve your asset. And we want to help you make the most out of your investment in your business. With prompt skylight repairs that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, Houston Skylight Company are here to help you. We are the experts in skylights, and have completed enough repairs in our time to be able to do the repair works at lightning speed without a compromise on the quality. This will save you both time and money while protecting your investment.



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