Residential Skylights

If your home could use some extra natural light, the best place to get it from is the ceiling! After all, the sun is above us, so it makes sense that we get the best sunshine through there. That’s why skylights are so popular within homes. You truly can have a complete transformation to the feeling of your home with natural light, and we are here to show you exactly how you can achieve that. Our team are skilled at assisting our clients with the design of their skylights to maximize the energy efficiency of their home.


Your home will have a character. Something that is uniquely you. Perhaps you love the character and just want to enhance it. Or perhaps you are lacking love for your home and want to make a big change. The design and positioning of your skylights can make a big difference to each room of the house, as well as the overall feeling of the home. You can choose something that allows you to look up and see the stars at night, create a sunroom, or just have some feature skylights throughout the house for more sunshine.

Energy Efficiency

Installing a great skylight gives us probably a little too much joy. But it just goes to show how passionate we are about the work we do. Once we start working with a client and understand what they want and why they want it, we love being able to provide it for them. Getting up on a roof to install a skylight is where we really get to test and show off our skills. We have perfected skylight installation down to an art, and love seeing our clients reactions to the final product. The calls we usually get a few days afterwards thanking us for what we have been able to do with their home are always an added bonus and greatly appreciated.


In addition to our services in refrigerator repair, we are also more than capable of bringing you freeze repairs services too. When your freezer is building up with too much ice, not reaching sufficient temperatures, causing leaks, or anything else, we can be there to help you get it back to its best. Our team has been working on both individual freezer units and two-in-one fridge-freezers for many years, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to trust in us for the task every time.


If you already have a love for skylights in your home, we would love to be able to share in that with you. To make sure that your skylights stay in top condition, we can help with repairs when you find a need for them. Our team at Houston Skylight Company are highly experienced, which means that we are able to complete repair and replacement works quickly and at the best possible price.



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