Skylight Repair

A beautiful skylight is a brilliant addition to any home. They bring natural light, the ability to see the sky from the comfort of your own property, and of course the energy-saving qualities associated with them. Houston Skylight Company are the professionals in skylights of all kinds. So naturally, the installation and repairs of all your skylight needs are looked after by our qualified team. We make sure that we provide a thorough assessment before we provide repair works, as well as offer removal and replacement services.


The first step we take when a client calls us for skylight repairs is to investigate why the repairs are needed. Sometimes a thermal crack has appeared, meaning that the material was probably not strong enough for this environment. In this case, we would recommend a replacement of something that would be able to endure the temperatures of our area. Other times it could be impacted due to an accident, in which case a repair would be able to do the best job for you. And sometimes it may be that a leak has occurred with the natural movement of the house and the skylight needs to be resealed. Whatever the cause of the damage, we will be able to fix it for you.


Technology has come leaps and bounds in the past decade, giving us more practical solutions for repairs. These save time and in turn, save our clients a lot of money. Getting your skylights repaired has never been so affordable as it is now! Whether it be to fix a chip so that it doesn’t turn into a crack, or to fix the flashing around the skylight. All repairs can be done quickly and effectively with a strong focus on the durability of the repair. Of course, when we provide the assessment, we will let you know if a repair is likely not going to be a long term solution and help you find the right option for your property.


If you’ve got a significant crack through your skylight, it’s always going to be best to replace it with something with uncompromised integrity. Sometimes this can happen through direct and prolonged exposure to the sun with no shade cover at all throughout the day. And other times it can be something like a tree branch falling and shattering it. No matter the cause of the crack, our team of trained professionals are able to fix it for you. We will quickly and safely remove the light so that it does not cause any damage to you or your property.


When a skylight has had to be replaced, there is obviously going to be the need to dispose of the old and broken skylight. For the most part, people would not know how to dispose of these safely and responsibly. But there’s no need for you to worry about this. Our team will provide removal of your old skylight that you no longer need and recycle it properly.



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