Solar Tube Installation

Solar tubes are a great alternative to a skylight that fits flat in line with your ceiling space. Solar tunes have one end sitting in line with your roof to collect the sun and the other end where you want the light to shine through. There are endless design options for solar tubes to have them stand out as a modern and trendy feature, or for something a little more practical. We are happy to help you with the design and installation of your solar tubes, giving your property the benefits of natural light.


Solar tubes are often seen in homes where the ceiling space sits below the roofline. They help get the sun through from the roof down into the main areas of the home that you need to have lit up. With a skilled skylight contractor working on your team, we can find a design that will enhance the appearance of your property and help get some more natural light through your home. Too much artificial light is no good for our health, which is why it is important to get as much natural light into our homes as we possibly can. And our team are proud to be apart of that mission for the people within our community.


If you think about a warehouse or factory, the roof is usually really high. So to have a skylight that sits in line with the roof doesn’t really make too much sense. By using solar tubes, we can reflect the light down and concentrate it into the areas that you need it the most. This is a great method for getting a significant amount of light to the highly utilized work areas that need a little more detail. An added benefit to the solar tubes is the amount of money you will be saving by cutting out the electricity costs associated with artificial light.


When we are installing a solar tube in an existing building, we first need to make sure that we can create the space in a roof. For commercial properties, this is relatively straightforward as there isn’t generally much in the way. But with residential properties, it requires a little more skill and creativity. In both properties, we need to make sure that our measurements are precise so that there is no room for any water to leak through in the wet season. We are well known for the detail we put into our installations, so you can have confidence when you engage Houston Skylight Company that your skylights and solar tubes will be watertight.


Houston Skylight Company are highly trained and experienced in installations and repairs, allowing our clients to keep their skylights in top condition. If you have any damage to your solar tube, give us a call and we will come out and repair it for you. We work quickly and efficiently, letting you get back to the more important things.



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