There are numerous advantages to installing skylights in your home, like better ventilation, heat, etc. However, you must install it, which will cost you money and energy. You have two choices, DIY or get a professional installer to do it for you. While doing it yourself can save you money, here are several reasons why hiring a professional will be more beneficial.


Most people would rather hire a professional to install a skylight than do it themselves because they have many years of experience. When people have experience, they know what to do at the right time and are less likely to make mistakes. You need someone who knows how roofs work to do all of the work on your skylight.


You may rely on professionals to do your skylight installation. They are always available to handle your complaints if something goes wrong. After they install your skylight, you may also receive free fixes and repairs for a period.


If you’re like most people, you’re probably too busy with work and other duties to complete your skylight installation. In this instance, your only option is to contact professionals who will complete the task, whether you are at home or away. You can just come back home and do whatever you want with your skylight. Also, if you do it yourself, it may take a long time to finish because you have to do each step slowly. Professionals take less time and can install your skylight in a few hours.


Going up to the roof on your own will expose you to many safety risks. Due to lack of experience, slip and fall, injured hands, and all sorts of things have occurred to individuals while installing a skylight. When you hire a professional installation company, you don’t have to worry about safety issues. These people have been installing skylights for many years, so they know how to handle your roof and know all the safety drills. Just make sure they are all covered before they climb that ladder.


Most DIYers do not have the necessary equipment to complete a complete installation. Professional installers do it as a job and have all the necessary tools. They also know how to use the equipment properly to ensure that your skylight is properly installed and that there are no issues with a leaking roof or anything else. When hiring professionals, there is no need to rent or purchase additional equipment because everything is included.

Hiring a professional to install your skylight is far better than doing it yourself. You need not worry about falling from the roof or purchasing expensive equipment to complete the task. You are assured of a proper job that prevents leakage on your roof.

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To ensure that you make the right decision, consider the following factors before hiring a skylight installation company.

Get It Right the First Time Around

To ensure that you get it right the first time around, you should hire a reputable skylight installation company, like our skylight installation company in Pasadena, Texas. It will keep you from dealing with the damage that can come from a faulty installation, which can be very expensive. The company you hire should only use materials that have good reviews and are of high quality.

Skylight Placement

Skylight placement should be carefully considered. It should work well with your home’s architectural design and be placed where it will receive maximum skylight. The effectiveness of the skylight depends upon its placement. The angle or slope of the skylight impacts the amount of solar heat absorbed by your home. A low angle, for instance, would provide less solar heat in the winter and more in the summer. Homeowners would prefer the opposite. You should obtain a house blueprint to select the optimal placement for the skylight.

Type of Glass & Risk Involved

Skylights are typically made of laminated or tempered glass, which can break. If there are a lot of big trees near the house, their branches could break the skylight if they fall on it. If the glass broke, it would matter much what type it was. Laminated glass has a film that will keep all the broken pieces of glass together if it breaks. Tempered glass, on the other hand, will break and shatter into small pieces that will fall to the ground. As a result, you should choose a skylight with laminated glass.

Deck-Mounted or Curb-Mounted

To choose the right skylight, you must first understand the difference between deck-mounted and curb-mounted. Deck-mounted is a newer design with a lower profile since there is no box structure underneath. A box structure is used for curb mounting. Deck-mounted skylights, on the other hand, are more energy efficient because they hug the roof.

Features to Consider

Finally, you should think about the available extra features. Whether you choose a vented or fixed skylight, you should be aware that vented skylights provide better ventilation and can draw warm air. Understanding the features will help you make the best decision.


These are the five factors to consider prior to hiring a skylight installation company. It will make it much easier for you to decide what to do.

Skylight Installation FAQs

Do Skylights Increase Home Value?

Skylights were rated as desirable or essential by 55% of new homebuyers, according to National Association of Home Builders research. Because of their eye-catching aesthetic and naturally cooling the home without fans or air conditioning, skylights can be a valuable asset when it comes time to sell.

It is difficult to determine the exact return on investment because it depends on factors like the type of skylights, the amount installed, the location, and the housing market. Ultimately, it will come down to how important consistent natural light and fresh air are to potential buyers.

Will Adding Skylights Affect My Roof Warranty?

Skylights, solar panels, and satellite dishes all necessitate roof penetration or the removal of shingles, and improper installation may void the warranty. Does this imply that you cannot install anything on your roof without voiding the warranty? No, but you should first check the contract of your roofing project to determine whether a warranty and voiding issues are included. Then, in writing, contact your roofer and request that they coordinate with your contractor. Everything should be in writing — email is fine.

Sometimes the roofer wants to be involved in the installation. They may prefer to install or, at the very least, flash in and replace the shingles around the skylight. This ensures that the flashing/shingles were installed according to their specifications, and they can continue to honor their warranty.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Skylight?

A skylight installation is divided into two phases: rooftop and interior. Installation can take anywhere from half a day to three days, depending on factors like the pitch of the roof, the depth and shape of the interior light shaft, and the weather.

In contrast, replacing a single skylight typically takes only a few hours. The old skylight and flashing will be taken out and replaced with new ones. In some cases, the installer may also perform interior touch-ups, such as repainting and trimming the top of the light well.

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